Process HDR Photo


Either you love it or hate it, a bit like Marmite!
Yes, I am talking about HDR photography.
HDR Stands for High Dynamic Range, so you will get a dynamic range on all the tones on the photograph, however sometimes people can take it to a different level, and I mean Surrealistic, well, to be fair I like the subtle HDR but I also like to do the surreal look.
To capture a HDR photo you need more than one photo exposing to different areas, you can start with 3 photos, one underexposed, another proper exposed and the last over exposed, but what if  you go out, just take one shot at something and later you realize that it could look very cool in HDR?
Well, that is exactly what I am going to show you, Kind of cheat so you can create a Suble HDR look or the more realistic, with just one photo.
I found Lots of ways of “Cheating” to create a HDR with just one photo, but on these  videos I am just showing the easy and quick way, but I promise that I will show a few more ways to do so 🙂

Well, it’s 8 AM  time to go for a walk in the park 😉

Take care,



Good things do happen to good guys

Hi, today i would like to talk about me and to tell you how lucky I’ve been.

Like the title says, good things do happen to good guys, but I’ll explain in more detail.

As you may know I am a Photoshopaholic, and  as the time goes by I feel more connected to that Program if you are a PC user or App if you are a Mac user.
But to get noticed that I am serious about it it’s not easy, therefore it takes time to get noticed.
Ok, fair enough, I am a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals aka NAPP, and to be fair, a few years ago I wanted to be part of that Comunity, but sometimes life is not as good as we want or think we deserve, until I got the chance to be a part of that family, (yes, now I call it family), thanks to Dave Clayton the NAPP Evangelist in UK, and why?Because and I quote”It’s better to give that receive, and I realized I wouldn’t get more “Photoshop work” just because of that community, but I got something more valuable, I made good friends, and guess what…I loved it so much that I am on my second year and I will not stop !
Over this past couple of years I’ve tried to get noticed in the world of Photography, but more in the Photoshop Community, and I’ve entered twice on “The Next Photoshop Evangelist” so people would notice me and say:

-Hey, that guy with the funny accent is not bad!
But I never won(doesn’t mean I’ll give up 😉 )
But it’s all part of the great experience which is life, and nothing is easy in this life.

But I got noticed!!! Yes, seriously!

A gentleman that “I’ve known” for more that 2 years that every chance he has he sends me something that can help me improve, or just for the fact that he has a heart of gold and he likes to help, yes, that gentleman is Dave Clayton that I had the pleasure to finally meet in London a couple fo weeks ago, but I’ll explain that in a bit more detail in a few minutes 😉

And what about a wonderful lady that after a Photowalk asked me for a print of one of my photos, well, not a bid deal, but that lady is surrounded by the best photographers in the world, and a lot more, I was over the moon when Shelley Giard(no need for introductions) asked me  for a certain photo, I was over the moon, well I still go on and on about that I’ve sent a print to the States, and if you check My 500PX or my NAPP portfolio I’ve named that photo after Shelley.
What about a couple of months ago?!
Eric Renno Aka Tipsquirel, organized a Tip Up, where a few and limited people were invited, and I was one of those invited by him, I was over the moon, Great guy, we knew each other for a while(on the internet) and finally we met! Personally.
And as a Bonus I managed to meet Gavin Hoey and his lovely wife, the best day of the year 2012.
As the days and weeks went by I was still beeing just me, yes, just Miguel Campos that posts in his personal facebook about 30 photos a  week, not part of a portfolio, but just a way to try to stand out from the crowd, and believe me , it’s not easy!!
Untill a couple of weeks ago…Well, doesn’t mean I was the crazy guy with either a weird look or a big mexican hat to stand out from the crowd, but I saw that Glyn Dewis was coming to London for a Workshop….Wow, I thought, this is my chance to finally meet him, and then I realized that Dave Clayton  would be there!
I had to be there, and guess what?

I was there and I had an amazing day, Glyn is an amazing guy and a brilliant trainer( I would call him instructor, but if ou check his website he calls himself a trainer 🙂 )
And Dave….Dave is just Dave, an amazing guy with a big, sorry, my bad, a HUUUUUGEE heart , Ok, do not get any ideas! We are both married and our wives are called Andrea, but he stays with his, and I’ll stay with mine 🙂
But seriously, he is a star and a great designer and a good friend, when I got home that day…Well, I kept talking about Glyn and Dave and how I also met Richard Curtis that works for Adobe, and he is a great guy. A true star! And that  was the best day of 2012.
Oh well, I was so wrong!
It wasn’t the best day of 2012, yes, true story, and I tell you why.
I got a Vip ticket to be part of the Audience in the final day of the Adobe Creative Week, and lets be fair, it was because of great people I met personally a couple of weeks ago, I can’t mention Glyn’s or Richard’s name for that 😉
But It was an amazing day!
I had the previlege to be in the same room with great and inspiring people like Gavin Hoey, Glyn Dewis, Eric Renno and many others.
Well, that was last Friday the 13th and it was the best day of 2012!
Opps, I was wrong again!
On the following day 14th was my birthday and I had people from all over the world wishing me a Happy Birthday!All of those things, along with all the support I have from my family and friends made me realize that “Good things do happen to good guys”.
Thank you so much to all of the people I mention Above and many others I met along the way!

Check Glyn Dewis website-

Dave Clayton AKA NAPP UK-

Richard Curtis-

Eric Renno AKA Tipsquirel-

Gavin Hoey-
And last but not the least as I was inspired by my good friend from the other side of the pond Shelley Giard-

3D Animation in Photoshop CS6



In Photoshop we can animate and work with videos, but what about animate a 3D object?
Well, the answer is Yes!
in this video tutorial I show you exactly the possibilities of animating 3D object, layer masks  and I show you a few more things.
But the best way is to show you in the video, so make sure you watch it and have fun while playing with these techniques.


See you next time.



Zoomify in Photoshop


Photoshop is not only to edit your photos or to create your Art.
Photoshop is a lot more than that, and with time I will show you lots of different  features, so today I’d like to introduce you to Zoomify.

Well, Zoomify isn’t a new way for you to zoom your work inside Photoshop, Zoomify is much cooler than that.

Well, last week a friend of mine took some photos and created a  panorama and he wanted to upload to his website, but to do so he had to either compromise on the quality of the panorama or for that page to take much longer to load and  also affect his bandwith, and  is these circumstances is where Zoomify comes to your rescue with the help of Photoshop, of course.
With Zoomify you can create an image with the size specified by you, but without losing the quality of the image, and you can Zoom, to see all the details of the image, and also pan though the image.


See you next time.



Bokeh in Photoshop CS6



We all know the best way to create a “Bokeh effect” is on camera, however in Photoshop you can also create some cool Bokeh  and you have more flexibility over the effect that you can create some cool designs.
Well, as Photoshop CS6 has a Bokeh effect I decided to show you how you can create a Bokeh effect with the new Blur Filter.

But I also share how to create a bokeh effect brush and explain some of the basics inside the Brush Panel, for those with CS6, but also for those who have an older version of Photoshop.


See you next time.



Resize and Copyrights in Photoshop



I don’t know about you, but I always make sure that I add my copyrights to my images published online and also that I resize them.

The reason why I always resize all my images is that there are people out there that either lack of imagination or just pure evil steal images from others.Well, you can add a watermark, but to be fair, watermarks can be removed in Photoshop.However, if your image is shared online, if there is a watermark, it’s easier to find you.

So, when you resize your images, and a client asks that person for a full resolution of a certain image, if indeed is an image that does not belong to that person, well…The full resolution image can’t be provided.
I also advise you to add your own copyrights either on camera, if your camera supports that.(Please consult your camera manual to check if it supports).Or you can always add in Photoshop.

In Photoshop you can add your copyrights and resize your images with a couple of clicks, and while you have a cup of coffee or tea, Photoshop will do all the work for you.

In this video tutorial I show you exactly how you can add your copyrights, resize an image and also how to create actions to do all the work for you, if it’s just one image, or hundreds.


Miguel Campos

Mixer Brush in Photoshop

Photoshop Cs5 has many new features and in my opinion one of the least discussed is the new Mixer Brush Tool.

I understand that at first impression it may be difficult to use them, but they are very easy to use.

And because its a very cool and easy tool to use and a friend asked me, I’ve done this tutorial where I explain all those settings and give you a few tips while using this very cool tool.

I hope you like it.

Take care,