Still Life Tip and Trick


I hope you had a fantastic weekend.

a few weeks ago I was having a chat with a friend about still life photography and he actually mentioned that he wanted to create an image where the glass would be half full, so the liquid would be on the top and the bottom half would look like it was empty.
Fair enough, in Photoshop is super easy to do, but he also mentioned that it would be cool to do the most as possible in camera…
Straight away I had an idea! Of course I didn’t tell him about what I had in mind as I wasn’t sure if it would work, but here it goes.
Many years ago I remember old people saying that olive oil was lighter than  water, and I remember that my grand mother used to use olive oil with candles… So I decided to have a go!
All I did was half fill the first half of the glass with water, then I grabed some olive oil and slowlly I was pouring to the same glass. Guess what, it was kind of working, so I decided to let it settle for half an hour or so.
And as you can see it worked!
The olive oil stayed above the water without mixing with it. So, as I had achieved what I was after I decided to create and image where I had an Empty Glass, another Half Empty and other Half Full.

I think that I might do another version of the image, but to be honest, it worked.

So, sometimes even if something may sound impossible, it is possible to create and this image is proof of it!
So, now that you know one of my tricks, experiment  and play! I am sure you will come up wit some great results.

I hope this post helps you and inspires you in any way!

Have a Fantastic Week
Half full

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