Nikon D7500 is it worth the upgrade?

Hi, I hope you are well and had a fantastic weekend.

For those, like me that like to know everything about new gadgets and new cameras, you may know that last week Nikon announced the new D7500.
In paper it sounds great, but is it worth it?

Since I moved to DSLR system cameras, I have been shooting with Nikon, so it makes sense to me to share my opinion about the new D7500.
For those who don’t know I am a photographer that photographs mostly events and ceremonies, so fast glass is a must, but what about cameras?What do I look for in a camera?

My main camera is a Nikon d800 and not only is fantastic at high ISO, but overall it performs really well.My second body at the moment is the Nikon D7100 and I love it too, so in paper it would make sense for me to upgrade, but will I upgrade?
The anwser is NO! I will tell you why.

As I mentioned above, I need cameras that will perform well under all light conditions and the D800 does the job, but while photographing an event or a ceremony, I always carry 2 bodies, in my case the D800 with a 24/70mm 2.8 and on my D7100 a 70/200mm 2.8. So even on the “crop sensor” camera it still needs to perform well, and to be honest, using fast glass  with my D7100, I am very pleased with the results.

The new D7500 sounds amazing as the ISO can go up to over a million, but first, the results (based on her big brother D500) the quality is not all that at that high ISO and to be fair I’ve shot events where the only light sources were only candles, and I got all the shots I wanted/needed at just over 25000 ISO, so for that, in my opinion its not worth the upgrade just based on ISO.

Another great feature on the new D7500 is that it allows to shoot 50 Raw images in a single buffer at 8 fps, as the D7100 does 6fps and 7fps at “crop mode” for my main workflow, even that after 2 seconds the buffer is full, my D7100 still performs really well under normal conditions.

The future is here and the video resolution is getting better and better and on the D7500 you can shoot 4K video and to be honest I never tried 4K video on a Dslr, but as I don’t do video, even that is great to shoot at 4K, for me just upgrading so I can shoot 4K it just doens’t make any financial sense.

Another great improvement on the 7000 series is the tilt screen, specially if you shoot landscapes or above a crowd, even that personally I think its a great feature and it can be super helpful, in my opinion its not great for me.

With the revolution of Social Media, everyone takes a photo and wants to share with friends, family and followers, for that Nikon incorporated Snapbridge, so you can easily transfer the images to your mobile device, but as for me, I rather take some photos, get into my computer and add them to my Lightroom, syncronized with my phone, its just fantastic!

Now here is what I think that Nikon messed up big time, so even if I was thinking about upgrading to all those new cool features, this just put me off!
Well, If I am photographing a ceremony or an event I always shoot to 2 memory cards, so if for some reason one memory card fails, I have the other one.I only had once that a memory card failed on me, and funny enough, it was a brand new (cheap, but from a well know manufacturer) card that I bought to have more storage while on holidays that after 2 test shots it just failed. So, for my work shooting with 2 memory cards, it just makes sense.

By now, you already know that I am not going to upgrade, if there was 2 memory card slots, I think I would upgrade as the extra frames per second, could be cool to shoot some wildlife or even sports.

Overall veredict:

It may not make sense to me to upgrade, but if you are after a great camera to shoot wildlife and sports, having 8fps is a great feature to have without spending the money on a D500. Also, if you have a 3000 series camera and are looking to upgrade to a fantastic camera, the D7500 is the way to go, but you can also buy a 5000 series camera where you have the tilt screen and with just over 3 extra megapixels and with the money you save, buy some sharp glass.

By all means, I am not trying to put you off of making the purchase of the D7500!
Its a fantastic camera, well built and has many cool features, its just of matter, is it worth £1299.00?( Body only).

I hope this post helped you in either making the decision of buying or not the D7500.

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Free ebooks on Google

Good Morning everyone, I hope you had a great Weekend!

I had a quiet one with my family, wich was great.

As you have seen on the title of this blog, you can find free ebooks on Google…

Photographyand everything related keeps getting updated, so if a new camera comes out, a new book about the new camera will come out, therefore the price of the previous camera book, will come down… The same happens tome erything else in relation to photography or even Photoshop. Therefore Google has quite a nice list of free ebooks, for you to download. All you need is to follow this link 

Just because the books are free, doesn’t mean that they aren’t good!There are great books there, and for the price… You can’t go wrong 😉
Have a fantastic week,

Cast iPad or Iphone screen to PC or Mac

Hi everyone!
I hope you had a fantastic Weekend.

It may sound weird the title of this post, but soon, it will make sense…

When Adobe launched Lightroom Mobile, I wasn’t too keen about it, fair enough, grab my phone to capture an image, but take a photo and then import to Lightroom Mobile and process the image on my phone, so I could share on Social Media.I rather take an image using my Dslr and use my computer to process the image!
Well, I was so wrong!
Lightroom Mobile is a lot more easier than I though and now I use it all the time.As I use it all the time and its such a fantastic app, I wanted to create some video tutorials about it.

That is why I started searching online for a decent program/app that I could use either to record on my iPad, or screen cast to my computer.I came across LonelyScreen that is a FREE program that we can install on Mac or Windows  that casts the screen of any IOS on my computer, this way I can use my normal screen recorder.

LonelyScreen takes one minute to install, and its super easy to setup and it does exactly what I wanted, and as its a wireless connection, no cables on my way.
Feel free to check their website and try it
Also, last week I posted my first Lightroom Mobile Tutorial, check it out on my YouTube Channel

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Lowepro Nova 200AW Review


Most of you know that I’ve been on hollidays, and for that I needed a decent bag with a good price tag on it.

Well, it wasn’t only holidays, as I had to shoot a wedding , therefore I had to take some gear with me, and as I traveled by plain I only could take as hand luggage my laptop and my camera bag so I had to look for a decent bag with lots of space.

As I already own a lowepro that was my first option, so I went to a known photography shop and when I saw the Lowepro Nova 200 AW I was very happy with the number of partitions it had, so I could take 2 camera bodies, 2 speedlights, 4 lenses, video camera and a couple more things, so I bought it 🙂
But a few days before I went away I decided to test the bag and see if I could fit everything I wanted…Well I was shocked!
But in a very good way, I could organize the partitions according to my needs and I started putting my gear on the bag, and I managed to put the cameras, lenses, speedlights, with no problem at all, and as my son wanted to take his camera and his video camera I still managed to put on the bag, and also my extension tubes, but why stop there?!

There are so many pockets that I nearly got lost, seriously, so many pockets that I managed to put spare batteries, memory card case, remotes, filters, cleaning gear, business cards and on the back of the bag I managed to put a Photoshop magazine that I bought at the airport.

But a bag isn’t only about how much stuff you can get on it, it’s also about build quality, and how confortable it is.
As I like shoulder bags I expect to be easy to reach for a lens or a speedlight but at same time confortable.
The Lowepro Nova 200 AW ticks all of those boxes as its very easy to get a lens, unless you have the zipper done, as this bag also has a zipper so your gear is safer, the strap not only is very confortable as also very strong, the bag is also waterproof, and in case that its raining a lot and you are afraid that it may damage your gear, there is a “secret pocket” where you can reach a Full waterproof cover for the bag, and that you still can use the bag with the cover on as it comes in two parts.
Well, but will it protect your gear if someone bumps into you in the airport, or in case you drop the bag? It will protect it, the bottom of the bag not only is very thick as its padded, and the bag all around is padded.

So, my veredict is, if you are looking for a decent bag with a good price tag, this bag is for you, in a score 1-10 I’ll give it a 12!

I hope I helped.

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Here is the photo of the first time I tried the bag

Good things do happen to good guys

Hi, today i would like to talk about me and to tell you how lucky I’ve been.

Like the title says, good things do happen to good guys, but I’ll explain in more detail.

As you may know I am a Photoshopaholic, and  as the time goes by I feel more connected to that Program if you are a PC user or App if you are a Mac user.
But to get noticed that I am serious about it it’s not easy, therefore it takes time to get noticed.
Ok, fair enough, I am a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals aka NAPP, and to be fair, a few years ago I wanted to be part of that Comunity, but sometimes life is not as good as we want or think we deserve, until I got the chance to be a part of that family, (yes, now I call it family), thanks to Dave Clayton the NAPP Evangelist in UK, and why?Because and I quote”It’s better to give that receive, and I realized I wouldn’t get more “Photoshop work” just because of that community, but I got something more valuable, I made good friends, and guess what…I loved it so much that I am on my second year and I will not stop !
Over this past couple of years I’ve tried to get noticed in the world of Photography, but more in the Photoshop Community, and I’ve entered twice on “The Next Photoshop Evangelist” so people would notice me and say:

-Hey, that guy with the funny accent is not bad!
But I never won(doesn’t mean I’ll give up 😉 )
But it’s all part of the great experience which is life, and nothing is easy in this life.

But I got noticed!!! Yes, seriously!

A gentleman that “I’ve known” for more that 2 years that every chance he has he sends me something that can help me improve, or just for the fact that he has a heart of gold and he likes to help, yes, that gentleman is Dave Clayton that I had the pleasure to finally meet in London a couple fo weeks ago, but I’ll explain that in a bit more detail in a few minutes 😉

And what about a wonderful lady that after a Photowalk asked me for a print of one of my photos, well, not a bid deal, but that lady is surrounded by the best photographers in the world, and a lot more, I was over the moon when Shelley Giard(no need for introductions) asked me  for a certain photo, I was over the moon, well I still go on and on about that I’ve sent a print to the States, and if you check My 500PX or my NAPP portfolio I’ve named that photo after Shelley.
What about a couple of months ago?!
Eric Renno Aka Tipsquirel, organized a Tip Up, where a few and limited people were invited, and I was one of those invited by him, I was over the moon, Great guy, we knew each other for a while(on the internet) and finally we met! Personally.
And as a Bonus I managed to meet Gavin Hoey and his lovely wife, the best day of the year 2012.
As the days and weeks went by I was still beeing just me, yes, just Miguel Campos that posts in his personal facebook about 30 photos a  week, not part of a portfolio, but just a way to try to stand out from the crowd, and believe me , it’s not easy!!
Untill a couple of weeks ago…Well, doesn’t mean I was the crazy guy with either a weird look or a big mexican hat to stand out from the crowd, but I saw that Glyn Dewis was coming to London for a Workshop….Wow, I thought, this is my chance to finally meet him, and then I realized that Dave Clayton  would be there!
I had to be there, and guess what?

I was there and I had an amazing day, Glyn is an amazing guy and a brilliant trainer( I would call him instructor, but if ou check his website he calls himself a trainer 🙂 )
And Dave….Dave is just Dave, an amazing guy with a big, sorry, my bad, a HUUUUUGEE heart , Ok, do not get any ideas! We are both married and our wives are called Andrea, but he stays with his, and I’ll stay with mine 🙂
But seriously, he is a star and a great designer and a good friend, when I got home that day…Well, I kept talking about Glyn and Dave and how I also met Richard Curtis that works for Adobe, and he is a great guy. A true star! And that  was the best day of 2012.
Oh well, I was so wrong!
It wasn’t the best day of 2012, yes, true story, and I tell you why.
I got a Vip ticket to be part of the Audience in the final day of the Adobe Creative Week, and lets be fair, it was because of great people I met personally a couple of weeks ago, I can’t mention Glyn’s or Richard’s name for that 😉
But It was an amazing day!
I had the previlege to be in the same room with great and inspiring people like Gavin Hoey, Glyn Dewis, Eric Renno and many others.
Well, that was last Friday the 13th and it was the best day of 2012!
Opps, I was wrong again!
On the following day 14th was my birthday and I had people from all over the world wishing me a Happy Birthday!All of those things, along with all the support I have from my family and friends made me realize that “Good things do happen to good guys”.
Thank you so much to all of the people I mention Above and many others I met along the way!

Check Glyn Dewis website-

Dave Clayton AKA NAPP UK-

Richard Curtis-

Eric Renno AKA Tipsquirel-

Gavin Hoey-
And last but not the least as I was inspired by my good friend from the other side of the pond Shelley Giard-