“Fake” a long exposure photo


Fake is not a word I use a lot, however I think it’s perfect for what I am about to talk about.

So, you go out to take some photos near a river or even sea and you don’t have any filters so you can slow down the shutter speed of your camera, fair enough, you can close down to the maximum aperture of your lens, it helps a bit, but you don’t get the desired effect.

In this tutorial I show exactly how to cheat and create that effect in Photoshop, where there is some movement to water and I make it look smoother, just like I had a filter on my lens.

I hope you like it.

If you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Photoshop Workshops


Today I have great news for you.

As from next month I will be giving in London some Photoshop Workshops.
I’ve been a part of the London Photographic Meetup group (http://www.meetup.com/londonphotos/) for a while and me and the organizer have been organizing some workshops.

Next month will be all about basic portrait retouching for beginners, but I will give more details at the end of the week.

Take care and see you soon,


Pratical Photoshop Magazine


Today I have a great, yet funny story to tell you.

A couple of weeks ago while restoring a photo I kind of felt that I had to stop looking at the laptop, so I looked to the side where I have another monitor and opened Facebook and  saw that Pratical Photoshop Magazine had a small competition about macro photography.

I have participated before in other competitions, but I always choose the photos, but in this case I thought:
Everyone will  enter with photos of flowers or bugs, so just for fun I went to my weirdest photos I had and sent them.

Guess what?My photo of choco pops that a few people were disgusted about got fifth place in the competition.How cool is that?
Next time I decide to enter any competition I’ll just enter the weirdest.And to stand out from the crowd I need ever more weird, I don’t mind. LOL

Here is a photo of the photo.
Take care and see you soon.


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