Zoomify in Photoshop


Photoshop is not only to edit your photos or to create your Art.
Photoshop is a lot more than that, and with time I will show you lots of different  features, so today I’d like to introduce you to Zoomify.

Well, Zoomify isn’t a new way for you to zoom your work inside Photoshop, Zoomify is much cooler than that.

Well, last week a friend of mine took some photos and created a  panorama and he wanted to upload to his website, but to do so he had to either compromise on the quality of the panorama or for that page to take much longer to load and  also affect his bandwith, and  is these circumstances is where Zoomify comes to your rescue with the help of Photoshop, of course.
With Zoomify you can create an image with the size specified by you, but without losing the quality of the image, and you can Zoom, to see all the details of the image, and also pan though the image.


See you next time.



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