Why you need to shoot Raw

Hi, I hope you had a fantastic weekend!

Today I would like to point out the importance of shooting in Raw.

A lot of people prefer to shoot jpeg because it looks better or because when they see the image in the back of the camera, it doesn’t look the same on a computer, it looks flat…

Well, jpeg files not only are compressed files, but also they don’t have as much data as a raw file, therefore you are always limited to what you want to achieve. Also 

I get people saying that the jpeg looks better than a raw file, a raw file is just plain raw, therefore, it will never look like a jpeg, so even if you shoot raw, the camera will show you a jpeg preview of the image, so when you take the image to a computer it will look flat. But it can easily be fixed. The very basic processing on a raw file is the white balance, the contrast and sharpeness. Ok, fair enough, when you start processing an image, we always do more than that, but because its a raw file, it has lots of information, so, with more information, means a lot more control, not only to your image, but also how creative you want to be.

Bellow there is a link of a video I did a couple of weeks ago, where I process a raw file and turn a boring image to an awesome image.

I hope this helps you realize that shooting raw is not scary and its actually the way to go.

Have a great week,


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