Macro Photography Tip

Hi everyone, first of all, I am sorry that I didn’t post for a while.
Before I start I would like to tell you that I am not the best Macro Photographer in the world, but I know the concept of macro photography, and hopefully this post will help you in  getting closer to your subject, therefore you will become a better macro photographer.
Now lets talk on how close you should shoot…
As you may be aware I see a lot of images online and I see people calling Macro images to images that were shot close to a small subject, so the purpose of this post is exactly to tell you how close you should shoot.
So I have a few examples to help you.
Bellow is a a few 5 pence coins and next to it my 50mm lens, so you can see the size of the coins compared to the lens.

Well, in my opinion, even that I shot this image a bit close to my subjects, I still don’t consider this photo as a close up shot, so we need to get closer.

As you can see I am in the right direction, as I am a bit closer, and as the coins are so small, maybe I will consider if I can call this image a Close up one, but its still just a vulgar image, with no interest at all, so lets get a bit closer.

Wow, very cool, and now I hardly can tell that the coins are sitting in my kitchen worktop, and as I got closer I can see  more detail on the coins, therefore a more interesting image.
But can I call it “Macro”?
Of course not, as the coins don’t fill my camera’s sensor, so I call it a close up shot.
But why stop there?
And here is another image, and as you can see I am closer.
So I am pleased that I am able to see the pattern I created with the coins, and I see more details too, but in my option,if I get closer I will get better results, so lets get closer.
Now we are getting into Macro Photography, most people would be happy with this result, and maybe crop a bit the image to fill the frame.
But I am not “most people”, and I don’t want you to be like most people, that is why I created this post.
So lets see how close I can get.

Getting closer…

And here is the final image.
I got closer and closer until I achieved a more compelling image.

So from now on, think like me, when you think that you are closer, go even closer, and when you get to the stage that you think you are very, very close, go even closer.

I hope that this post will help you in any way.

Take care,