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I bet that we all had issues in life, some easier than others to fix, well, today I’d like to talk about a not so easy issue to fix but nothing very serious.

I have a Adobe ID and I have a few programs registered to  Adobe , however at beginning of this week I decided to join the Adobe Creative Cloud.
All is good, especially the fact that I was getting an awesome discount from NAPP, until…
Every time I tried to input my details I couldn’t change the country from United States to United Kingdom, therefore I couldn’t get the Creative Cloud.I thought many things, included that as NAPP is based in USA maybe we had another link, but at NAPP the only thing I was told was that Adobe only provided one link.I asked friends if there was a solution to my problem and so far no one found a way.

However, I found out  what the problem is.
So basically the first time you go to the Adobe website you get a window like this


Well, apparently when I created my Adobe ID on even before I went to the website and ignored that window and just closed the window, doing that not only shows the USA version of the website, but also it will assume that I am at USA, and guess what, you can’t change it!

So, if you have registered your program via the program itself and you put your name, address and country it won’t change the country originally connected to your Adobe ID.

The solution?

Well in my case may be a bit easier as I spoke to someone at Adobe and today will change my country.

If you want the easy way, just delete your cookies on your machine go to Adobe Website and create a new Adobe ID.

I always say that it’s better to learn with other people mistakes, so I hope I help with this post.

Take care,


One thought on “Adobe ID

  1. Glad you got it figured out. I’m considering Creative Cloud. Think I will try the Trial version first. Have a great day. P.S. I like your new web page.

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