Less is more?!

Hi and Happy New Year!

If you follow me on social networks you know exactly what I’ve been up to, but in here I will go in more detail.

New Year for me started on the 9th floor of my in laws building shooting  the London Fireworks, actually last year I’ve done the same, well, it’s pretty quite and I don’t get the risk of my tripod get bumped either.

The London Fireworks were awesome!Just about 13 minutes of it and I ended up with more than 500 photos, why so many?Well, each firework is different so each shot is different 😉 .

So when I got home I saw all of those photos and I was happy, I had indeed different shots every time, but I didn’t feel like publishing dozens of photos, well, even that they are all different they also look the same, if you know what I mean, and it was when I finally understood the meaning of “Less is More”.

So to start off the year I went to my NAPP Portfolio and deleted 80% of my photos, in 500PX about another 80% and on my Flickr about 90%, yes, I was on fire, lol and to be fair I thought it would be harder as I posted some decent photos there, but it was really easy, and as I am a real critic it made it even easier, as what last year or 2 years ago I thought it was a decent shot, today I see it as a snap shot and it’s not what I want!

So one of my New Year Resolutions can be ticked of, and guess what, the year just started 🙂
Have you got any New Year Resolution?

I would like to hear about them.

See you next time and take care,


PS:Here is a video with the London Fireworks photos, enjoy

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