Show off your Images


We all have some images that we like to share, but where is the best to share them?

Well, most of us shares on Facebook, however Facebook doesn’t do justice to our images, ok, fair enough, probably you just want to share with your friends and family a nice day out, or the latest holidays, for that Facebook is good, but please, don’t use it as portfolio.
Very new is Google +, and I bet you have an account there, if you have a Gmail account you are there already, and to be fair, Google + compared to Facebook ROCKS, personally not only looks better, but also shows your images the way it should, but once again, I wouldn’t use it as Portfolio.

So what can you use to show your work?And for a good price?For me a good price is free, and there are awesome websites where you can show your photos for free.

Flickr, has been around for a few years, and personally I used a lot of it, easy to set up, you can be part of groups and have different sets, and you can get all of that for free!So you can display 200 photos for free, that is cool!

One of my favorites is 500PX, it just looks awesome and it’s very easy to use, once again the price is very good, but you are limited to upload10 images per week, but hey, if you want to share all of those photos you took on your holidays, you have Facebook 😉 . In 500PX you can even setup a store, yes, your own store, where you can sell your images, and the price to setup is very good indeed 😉

Obviously I had to mention Photoshop in this Blog post 🙂 , but in this case is, this is a cool site and also very user friendly, you can create different albums, the only downside is that the storage limit is 2 Gigabytes, but if you are like me and reduce the resolution of the images you can have lots and lots and once again for a good price 😉

Another cool site and that was recently acquired by Adobe is Behance.You can show your projects, work in progress and have your portfolio.I wonder how much better it will get, as Adobe acquired it, it may get much better.

See me, you see, See me is another site, simple, yet elegant and I really like it, very simple to use and really works, one thing I don’t like is that I have to login every time I want to upload a photo, but with the “Facebook Login” it’s just one click to do so.

In this post you get some ideas where you can post your holidays photos and also where you can have a portfolio where you can be proud to show to your clients, friends and family.

I Kind of use all that I mentioned above, some more than others, but before you post your images online make sure you re size them to a lower quality, so if someone steals your images not a lot can be done, well, you can always add a watermark, but to be honest I don’t use watermark, watermarks can be removed, so (for now) I prefer to reduce the size of my images.Well, but what if someone uses your images  as their own?There is a new site, and when I say new site I really mean it, it’s only a couple of days old, on this site you have information on how to deal with those situations.

If you want to check either my work or the sites I mention above, here are the links:

I hope in any way I helped you and that you create a nice and cool Portfolio, all of that for a good price 😉
Feel free to add me as contact/friend or just drop a link on the comments.

Take care,

Miguel Campos




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