Cast iPad or Iphone screen to PC or Mac

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It may sound weird the title of this post, but soon, it will make sense…

When Adobe launched Lightroom Mobile, I wasn’t too keen about it, fair enough, grab my phone to capture an image, but take a photo and then import to Lightroom Mobile and process the image on my phone, so I could share on Social Media.I rather take an image using my Dslr and use my computer to process the image!
Well, I was so wrong!
Lightroom Mobile is a lot more easier than I though and now I use it all the time.As I use it all the time and its such a fantastic app, I wanted to create some video tutorials about it.

That is why I started searching online for a decent program/app that I could use either to record on my iPad, or screen cast to my computer.I came across LonelyScreen that is a FREE program that we can install on Mac or Windows  that casts the screen of any IOS on my computer, this way I can use my normal screen recorder.

LonelyScreen takes one minute to install, and its super easy to setup and it does exactly what I wanted, and as its a wireless connection, no cables on my way.
Feel free to check their website and try it
Also, last week I posted my first Lightroom Mobile Tutorial, check it out on my YouTube Channel

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