Pratical Photoshop Magazine


Today I have a great, yet funny story to tell you.

A couple of weeks ago while restoring a photo I kind of felt that I had to stop looking at the laptop, so I looked to the side where I have another monitor and opened Facebook and  saw that Pratical Photoshop Magazine had a small competition about macro photography.

I have participated before in other competitions, but I always choose the photos, but in this case I thought:
Everyone will  enter with photos of flowers or bugs, so just for fun I went to my weirdest photos I had and sent them.

Guess what?My photo of choco pops that a few people were disgusted about got fifth place in the competition.How cool is that?
Next time I decide to enter any competition I’ll just enter the weirdest.And to stand out from the crowd I need ever more weird, I don’t mind. LOL

Here is a photo of the photo.
Take care and see you soon.


pratical photoshop

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