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Today I have a great, yet funny story to tell you.

A couple of weeks ago while restoring a photo I kind of felt that I had to stop looking at the laptop, so I looked to the side where I have another monitor and opened Facebook and  saw that Pratical Photoshop Magazine had a small competition about macro photography.

I have participated before in other competitions, but I always choose the photos, but in this case I thought:
Everyone will  enter with photos of flowers or bugs, so just for fun I went to my weirdest photos I had and sent them.

Guess what?My photo of choco pops that a few people were disgusted about got fifth place in the competition.How cool is that?
Next time I decide to enter any competition I’ll just enter the weirdest.And to stand out from the crowd I need ever more weird, I don’t mind. LOL

Here is a photo of the photo.
Take care and see you soon.


pratical photoshop

Personalize Photoshop


When Adobe creates their products they don’t think only about themselves, they actually care for their customers, that is why their programs can be configured to your own workflow.

I know what you are thinking, there is Workspaces!

However in this video tutorial I show you how you can actually change the menu of Photoshop with just a few clicks.

I hope like it.

Take care,


Chrome effect in Photoshop

We all know that we can do just about everything in Photoshop.
Well, not everything, but you know what I mean.
So today I’d like to share how to create a Chrome effect but bare in mind that the settings I use may be different for you, therefore just play with it, see what you really like, and maybe you get something totally different but cool.

I hope you like it

Take care,


Updates in Photoshop CS6


Back in December Adobe launched a few updates to Photoshop CS6 but only for those in the Creative Cloud, and to be fair, there are some very cool new features.

But I am not going to talk about them, this post is all about you!And what you may lose when updating!I will explain.

When you download Photoshop CS6 either free trial or your first download as a Creative Cloud subscriber all is good, all the tools work the way they should, no performance issues, awesome!

However you may lose some features after you update.

Last week I updated Photoshop and after the update I was trying to render some lighting effects, but I was getting an error and I couldn’t apply it, tried 3D and no luck too, so I decided to ask the Community if this happened to anyone else, so I posted my issue on Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom User Group on Facebook, it’s an awesome group, you should join :), and in there I was asked about my drivers, if I had enough RAM, or if I had enough VRAM …Well, I had checked my drivers, and I know my VRAM so all was good, until….

Well, when you install the very first time Photoshop the recommended VRAM is 512 MB, however when you update your Photoshop will NEED at least 512MB of Video Ram otherwise you will loose the 3D features and other filters, because of that I had that problem, and the reason for the problem is that my video card is failing and lost power.

But I am not here to tell you about my problems, I am here to tell you that if you are thinking about going for the Creative Cloud, think twice before you commit to a year contract and also you may end up either not using some features, not being able to update or ending up buying a new graphics card.

Check your machine, go to Adobe website and see what are the minimum requirements  to run all the apps as they may change as they feel like.

Take care,


HDR and Night Photography


There are many ways to do HDR, but is there a right way or a wrong way?
Of course not, it’s just the way the artist wants  to show the work.
Today I would like to show you a very cool and easy way to add more details to your night photography with HDR Pro in Photoshop.

The technique I show you in this tutorial is what I call a “Natural HDR” and the reason I call it that, is because it doesn’t look HDR!
Why would I do HDR and not look like HDR?!
Well, for some people HDR is like a bad word, and for those people, when they say that your photo is fantastic, then you can say that it’s actually HDR.I bet that they will change their mind about HDR.

If you like a bit more processed HDR, feel free to play around or just let me know and I can do a tutorial about that, believe me, but sometimes I like to go a bit over the top with my HDR ;) , well, it’s great fun, so why not!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial as much as I had doing it.

Take care,


Show off your Images


We all have some images that we like to share, but where is the best to share them?

Well, most of us shares on Facebook, however Facebook doesn’t do justice to our images, ok, fair enough, probably you just want to share with your friends and family a nice day out, or the latest holidays, for that Facebook is good, but please, don’t use it as portfolio.
Very new is Google +, and I bet you have an account there, if you have a Gmail account you are there already, and to be fair, Google + compared to Facebook ROCKS, personally not only looks better, but also shows your images the way it should, but once again, I wouldn’t use it as Portfolio.

So what can you use to show your work?And for a good price?For me a good price is free, and there are awesome websites where you can show your photos for free.

Flickr, has been around for a few years, and personally I used a lot of it, easy to set up, you can be part of groups and have different sets, and you can get all of that for free!So you can display 200 photos for free, that is cool!

One of my favorites is 500PX, it just looks awesome and it’s very easy to use, once again the price is very good, but you are limited to upload10 images per week, but hey, if you want to share all of those photos you took on your holidays, you have Facebook 😉 . In 500PX you can even setup a store, yes, your own store, where you can sell your images, and the price to setup is very good indeed 😉

Obviously I had to mention Photoshop in this Blog post 🙂 , but in this case is, this is a cool site and also very user friendly, you can create different albums, the only downside is that the storage limit is 2 Gigabytes, but if you are like me and reduce the resolution of the images you can have lots and lots and once again for a good price 😉

Another cool site and that was recently acquired by Adobe is Behance.You can show your projects, work in progress and have your portfolio.I wonder how much better it will get, as Adobe acquired it, it may get much better.

See me, you see, See me is another site, simple, yet elegant and I really like it, very simple to use and really works, one thing I don’t like is that I have to login every time I want to upload a photo, but with the “Facebook Login” it’s just one click to do so.

In this post you get some ideas where you can post your holidays photos and also where you can have a portfolio where you can be proud to show to your clients, friends and family.

I Kind of use all that I mentioned above, some more than others, but before you post your images online make sure you re size them to a lower quality, so if someone steals your images not a lot can be done, well, you can always add a watermark, but to be honest I don’t use watermark, watermarks can be removed, so (for now) I prefer to reduce the size of my images.Well, but what if someone uses your images  as their own?There is a new site, and when I say new site I really mean it, it’s only a couple of days old, on this site you have information on how to deal with those situations.

If you want to check either my work or the sites I mention above, here are the links:

I hope in any way I helped you and that you create a nice and cool Portfolio, all of that for a good price 😉
Feel free to add me as contact/friend or just drop a link on the comments.

Take care,

Miguel Campos




Adobe ID


I bet that we all had issues in life, some easier than others to fix, well, today I’d like to talk about a not so easy issue to fix but nothing very serious.

I have a Adobe ID and I have a few programs registered to  Adobe , however at beginning of this week I decided to join the Adobe Creative Cloud.
All is good, especially the fact that I was getting an awesome discount from NAPP, until…
Every time I tried to input my details I couldn’t change the country from United States to United Kingdom, therefore I couldn’t get the Creative Cloud.I thought many things, included that as NAPP is based in USA maybe we had another link, but at NAPP the only thing I was told was that Adobe only provided one link.I asked friends if there was a solution to my problem and so far no one found a way.

However, I found out  what the problem is.
So basically the first time you go to the Adobe website you get a window like this


Well, apparently when I created my Adobe ID on even before I went to the website and ignored that window and just closed the window, doing that not only shows the USA version of the website, but also it will assume that I am at USA, and guess what, you can’t change it!

So, if you have registered your program via the program itself and you put your name, address and country it won’t change the country originally connected to your Adobe ID.

The solution?

Well in my case may be a bit easier as I spoke to someone at Adobe and today will change my country.

If you want the easy way, just delete your cookies on your machine go to Adobe Website and create a new Adobe ID.

I always say that it’s better to learn with other people mistakes, so I hope I help with this post.

Take care,


Less is more?!

Hi and Happy New Year!

If you follow me on social networks you know exactly what I’ve been up to, but in here I will go in more detail.

New Year for me started on the 9th floor of my in laws building shooting  the London Fireworks, actually last year I’ve done the same, well, it’s pretty quite and I don’t get the risk of my tripod get bumped either.

The London Fireworks were awesome!Just about 13 minutes of it and I ended up with more than 500 photos, why so many?Well, each firework is different so each shot is different 😉 .

So when I got home I saw all of those photos and I was happy, I had indeed different shots every time, but I didn’t feel like publishing dozens of photos, well, even that they are all different they also look the same, if you know what I mean, and it was when I finally understood the meaning of “Less is More”.

So to start off the year I went to my NAPP Portfolio and deleted 80% of my photos, in 500PX about another 80% and on my Flickr about 90%, yes, I was on fire, lol and to be fair I thought it would be harder as I posted some decent photos there, but it was really easy, and as I am a real critic it made it even easier, as what last year or 2 years ago I thought it was a decent shot, today I see it as a snap shot and it’s not what I want!

So one of my New Year Resolutions can be ticked of, and guess what, the year just started 🙂
Have you got any New Year Resolution?

I would like to hear about them.

See you next time and take care,


PS:Here is a video with the London Fireworks photos, enjoy

Holiday Card in Photoshop

Hi.As we are just one day from Christmas you may not have time to go to the shop and buy a card…And if you do if you post it today it won’t be received in time for Christmas, but with the wonders of the internet you can email one and you know it’s nearly instant, but you don’t know how to create a card.

Well, today I am posting 2 video tutorials that you help you create 2 different type of cards.
Not only I show you how to create brushes, but also how to change the way those brushes behave, all added you get an original Card

But what if you want to make a card even more original?
Perhaps with a video message, well I will show you that on the second video, just make sure you see the video to the end to see the final result.

Wish you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Take care,

Miguel Campos

Animate Layer Masks in Photoshop


Last night I was playing in Photoshop and I wanted to show something different in regards to Animation, I understand that probably you’ve heard that before, but trust me on this one.

So just came to my mind the graphic equalizer bar on my HI FI system…Hmmm
I can do that in Photoshop!
And guess what?! While playing with it it looked cooler than I thought, so in this tutorial I show you the capabilities of animating Layer masks to achieve the same sort of effect.

keep in mind that I am just showing you the capabilities of Photoshop, and the concept, if you play a bit more I am pretty sure that you can achive vey cool stuff while animating layer masks.

I hope that I help you in any way and if you need anything, just let me know 😉

Take care,