Import Lightroom Catalog to another Computer

Hi everyone, I hope you had a great week.

As for me, I had some problems with my main computer, there I had to re install Lightroom and of course import old catalogs.

But how hard is it?Actually its quite easy and simple…

First I would like to tell you that I had the Catalog and the images backed up, so my first step was to put the Catalog and the images in the same location as before, in my case was on my pictures folder.

After the images and catalog were back where they were suposed to be, deleted the catalog that 

Lightroom created automaticaly when first opened Lightroom. Then I opened Lightroom and I got this window

On that window, I chose “Chose a Different Catalog”!

Just after I got another window, like this

In this window I located the Catalog, in my case for this post I am using a Catalog that is syncronized with my Lightroom Mobile and chose it.

Then I got another window

And on that window, with the catalog selected, I just clicked “Open”

And I got all my images imported as they were before, now all I have to do is let it syncronize with my Lightroom Mobile. 

It took just a few minutes and I am ready to go!
I hope this helps you, so if you need to add a Catalog to a second computer or as in my case, do a clean install, its rather easy and simple.
Have a fantastic Weekend,

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