Wide angle vs Ultra Wide angle lens

Hi everyone, I hope you had a great week!

In todays post I would like to share, my thoughts about a question that I am asked a lot. What is the difference between ultra wide angle and wide angle lens and how they can be used?

Well, the easiest answer would be its the focal length, and to be fair, that is correct, but there is more to it.

In the example images bellow, I was using a Nikon crop sensor camera and the crop factor of it is 1.5X.

On this first image, I captured this image at 18mm, so on a full frame the equivalent of 27mm, that is the focal lenght that most of us start, including myself, its great for landscape, cityscape and even when you have all your family together, its wide enough to capture  everyone.


As you can see from this image, in terms of composition, it works really well, but when I shot this image a few years ago, I still thought that even that it was a cool composition, the image could be improved if I would go back to this location with better light (in my personal opinion), but also with a ultra wide angle lens.

You may think, why a ultra wide angle lens, if I already have the subject and some leading lines leading to the subject. And as you may see from the image bellow a lot changes.

6 or 7 months later I go back to this location, at a different time of the day, where I could even include the sun on my composition.

Those who know me, know that I shoot a lof of Bracketed images, so later I can process them in Hdr Pro using Photoshop, therefore I could shoot against the sun and still have a great overall exposure.I had my camera on my tripod, remote connected and a ultra wide angle lens a Sigma 10-20mm at 10mm, which is the 15mm equivalent on a full frame camera.


Now you can see the differences of shooting with a ultra wide angle lens… The part of the bridge closer becomes more exaggerated, therefore enhancing the foreground and the leading lines to the subject. Also, you can see that the subject looks like its further away, allowing me to capture a lot more of the river and reflections on it, not to mention that I still have plenty of sky on the image that allowed me to capture the sun in a perfect way.
I hope that this post helps you and if you are thinking of going ultra wide, I clarified any questions that you could have, but if you have any more questions,  feel free to contact me.
See you next time and have a Fantastic Weekend!

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