Introduction to Portrait Retouching

Hi everyone.

Last Saturday I had my first Workshop for London Photographic Meetup and I must admit I was a bit nervous.

Not about the workshop itself, but how the attendees would react to the so called Introduction, as Photoshop is so complex and not knowing the attendees I didn’t know how much they knew about Photoshop and what each and every member of the group would consider “Introduction”.

But I must admit, I feel over the moon, I gave some business cards away so if they had any queries they could email me or even call me and half  an hour after the Workshop ended I got a text message and I quote:

“Thanks Miguel, you were brilliant, everyone got loads out of it including and specially me!Lets arrange the next one soon!”

Then I got 5 star rating out of 5 with some cool comments and I will quote:

“Very interesting afternoon, I do not know the software but thought that Miguel put over the basic tools very well and his enthusiasm was fantastic. As a Lightroom user the afternoon of photoshop gives me a dilemma .well done Alex and Miguel”

“Many thanks to Miguel for a great introduction as to what can be done in Photoshop.”


And as it wasn’t enough I got some emails about it, and of course I quote them:

“Hi Miguel
Sorry I didn’t have time to stay and thank you properly yesterday… but I had an appt that I was running late for and had to rush off.  But thanks again you demonstrated lots of great stuff and I know the members were really happy with the things they learned.”

Hi Miguel,
I hope you are well since yesterday, it was really nice meeting you and everyone else.
Thank you so much again for a fascinating course in the world of Photoshop!! Now I just need to practice 🙂
I’ve already checked the Photoshop Elements11 on Amazon and will get it next week.”

The last comment was about an attendee who didn’t have Photoshop but was very excited about it.

Overall, I had great fun!Everything went very well and I am looking forward for the next one.

Might I add that there are people who could not attend that want me to do another one!

Now I fell much better and as for the next Workshop….Bring it on as the Members of this meetup are the best!

And thanks to Alex  for the invitation.

I am done for now, but before that I am going to share the “teaser”.

Take care,


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