Lightroom 5 Beta Crash at Startup

Hi everyone.

It has been an amazing week, lots of cool stuff was announced  by Adobe.

One of the coolest things announced by them was the Public Beta release of Lightroom 5.There are so many cool feautures, and the performance improved soooooo much!I love it!

But before I fell in love with it I had a problem, every time I tried to open Lightroom 5 it would crash.I wasn’t surprised at all as my Windows 8 machine still causes me lots of headaches in Photoshop, so I installed in my Windows 7 machine, and it worked first time.

After searching the internet and a few tips from good people from the Photoshop and Lightroom on Facebook ( ) I managed to make it working on my Windows 8 machine, so I had to do a tutorial on how to fix the problem.

The sound quality is not the best, so I am so sorry for that, but at least you will be able to try Lightroom 5 Beta.

To download go to

Have a great and sunny Weekend .

Take care,


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