EMERGEarts Magazine


We are just a few days away from a new magazine to be launched, and you can  ome and celebrate the launch issue of EMERGEarts magazine. Come and network with photographers, fashion designers, hair and makeup artists, models and more!
Please see ad on timeline. Cover reveal at 7:30 and door prize for a $100 credit to fotofinesse edits will be held at 7:45. http://www.facebook.com/events/572000242823990/

But you wonder what is EMERGEarts…

EMERGEarts is a magazine that brings together all genres of arts that the photography community uses, such as hair, Makeup artists, props, jewelry, fashion, Photoshop tutorials and much more.

The first issue features Lindsay Adler, Brooke  Shaden and Frank Doorhof.Also included stories from a Las Vegas Fashion Designer, a Las Vegas EMERGING model and Photoshop Tips from a London Photoshop Guru and much more.

It will be an AWESOME magazine!
Did I mention I wrote a Photoshop article?Well, I did now 😉

This is the Website http://emergeartsmagazine.com/

Take care,


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