Updates in Photoshop CS6


Back in December Adobe launched a few updates to Photoshop CS6 but only for those in the Creative Cloud, and to be fair, there are some very cool new features.

But I am not going to talk about them, this post is all about you!And what you may lose when updating!I will explain.

When you download Photoshop CS6 either free trial or your first download as a Creative Cloud subscriber all is good, all the tools work the way they should, no performance issues, awesome!

However you may lose some features after you update.

Last week I updated Photoshop and after the update I was trying to render some lighting effects, but I was getting an error and I couldn’t apply it, tried 3D and no luck too, so I decided to ask the Community if this happened to anyone else, so I posted my issue on Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom User Group on Facebook, it’s an awesome group, you should join :), and in there I was asked about my drivers, if I had enough RAM, or if I had enough VRAM …Well, I had checked my drivers, and I know my VRAM so all was good, until….

Well, when you install the very first time Photoshop the recommended VRAM is 512 MB, however when you update your Photoshop will NEED at least 512MB of Video Ram otherwise you will loose the 3D features and other filters, because of that I had that problem, and the reason for the problem is that my video card is failing and lost power.

But I am not here to tell you about my problems, I am here to tell you that if you are thinking about going for the Creative Cloud, think twice before you commit to a year contract and also you may end up either not using some features, not being able to update or ending up buying a new graphics card.

Check your machine, go to Adobe website and see what are the minimum requirements  to run all the apps as they may change as they feel like.

Take care,


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