HDR and Night Photography


There are many ways to do HDR, but is there a right way or a wrong way?
Of course not, it’s just the way the artist wants  to show the work.
Today I would like to show you a very cool and easy way to add more details to your night photography with HDR Pro in Photoshop.

The technique I show you in this tutorial is what I call a “Natural HDR” and the reason I call it that, is because it doesn’t look HDR!
Why would I do HDR and not look like HDR?!
Well, for some people HDR is like a bad word, and for those people, when they say that your photo is fantastic, then you can say that it’s actually HDR.I bet that they will change their mind about HDR.

If you like a bit more processed HDR, feel free to play around or just let me know and I can do a tutorial about that, believe me, but sometimes I like to go a bit over the top with my HDR ;) , well, it’s great fun, so why not!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial as much as I had doing it.

Take care,


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