Animate Layer Masks in Photoshop


Last night I was playing in Photoshop and I wanted to show something different in regards to Animation, I understand that probably you’ve heard that before, but trust me on this one.

So just came to my mind the graphic equalizer bar on my HI FI system…Hmmm
I can do that in Photoshop!
And guess what?! While playing with it it looked cooler than I thought, so in this tutorial I show you the capabilities of animating Layer masks to achieve the same sort of effect.

keep in mind that I am just showing you the capabilities of Photoshop, and the concept, if you play a bit more I am pretty sure that you can achive vey cool stuff while animating layer masks.

I hope that I help you in any way and if you need anything, just let me know 😉

Take care,


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